Workshop Material List

Suggested Materials:

As a standard kit for Todd’s workshops these are suggestions only.

Please feel free to bring along your own paint and materials.


Paint colours:

Titanium white           alizarin crimson              Phthalo Green

Ultramarine blue        cadmium scarlet

Cad yellow light         Australian red gold


Odourless solvent (AS preferred)

Art Spectrum no.3

Bring whatever size you wish to paint on.

3 x size #12 square flat hog hair (AS)

1x size#1 or #2 round hog hair (AS)

1 x size #4 palette knife (AS 1087)
1 x size #8 Fan brush (AS)

1 x size #1 liner brush


*All suggested materials are available for purchase at our studio.

*Materials used throughout Todd’s workshops are the exactly products he uses for his gallery pieces.